Investment Partners

The Pivotal Investment is in search of outstanding acquisition opportunities in mixed-use multi-family properties and vacation rental estates/villas to redevelop and reinvigorate. Our team seeks to build individual investors relationships and partner with funds that seek to invest in the asset classes we are familiar with within our portfolio. We seek to involve our lending partners with projects of interest that match their investment goals and maintain a variety of investment opportunities.

Please review our vision and if you would like to discuss further investment opportunities please contact us and set up a meeting to take our investor survey.

Asset Types

Multi-Family Redevelopment

We work diligently with our General Contractors to ensure high-quality renovations that demand the highest rents in emerging markets. We are a full service development firm and provide analysis, financial management, rehab, and partner with management teams all over to produce our mixed use multi-family projects. We see our projects through to the finish line and your success is our success.

Vacation Rentals – Estates/Villas

We partner with investors seeking a more creative and lucrative investment for our vision of state of the art world-class estates and villas in the world’s greatest locations. Our long term investment plan here compares to no other as we combine our years of experience in real estate, marketing, event planning, and travel to redevelop and design properties to be both functional and favored. Our properties are designed to be a functional all-inclusive for weddings, retreats, luxury vacation rentals with an included concierge service. We welcome you to join us as an investor with purpose to re-imagine your current understanding of what a vacation rental investment looks like.

Wholesale Residential and Multi-Family Investments

We use every tool at our disposal to locate and buy properties that have potential to be unlocked around the country. We work with you to secure funding, and to re-develop the property, all while ensuring we are working to execute the investment strategy that works best for your goals. Our expertise in various markets in both residential and multi-family property wholesale is designed to help you succeed in your overall investment strategy.